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Candy & Chocolate
Bulk Candy
Bushel Basket Wrapped Candy:
Bulk Wrapped,Unwrapped. You Bag And Pick Your Own. Hundreds Of Varieties
Thirst Quenchers, Fruit Barrels, Watermelon Slices, Fruit Slices, Root Beer Barrels,
Peanut Butter Balls, Filled Red Raspberries, Radiant Morsels, Sour Citrus Cuts, Sour
Green Apple Balls, Fruits & Berries, Licorice Balls, Cherry Buttons,Fruit & Spice,
Banana & Cream, Dulce de leche, Blueberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Coffee &
Cream, Lemon Sours, Strawberry & Cream, Orange & Cream, It’s A girl, It’s a Boy,
Cherries & Cream, Blue Peppermint Ice, Fruit Flashers, Bon Bons, Rum & Butter
Buttons, Honeycombed Peanuts, Candy Chocolate Buttons, Key lime Buttons, Natural
Honey Sesame Sticks, Berries & Cream, Sour Fruit Balls, Tropical Fruit, Root Beer
Float, Choc Filled Sprig-O-Mints, Coffee & Cream, Honey Queen Bees, Exotic Fruits,
Butter Toffees, Lemon Mint Buttons, Filled Creams, Washington Cherry Balls, Sour
Blue Raspberries, Butterscotch Buttons, Sunray Sours, Party Mix, Starlights, Cinnamon
Buttons, Rods, Horehound Lozenges, Anise Squares, Butterscotch Buttons,
Raspberries & Cream
Bushel Basket UnWrapped Candy:
Jawbreakers, Gummi Fish, Gummi Bears, Gummi Sours, Gummi Worms, Gummi Rings,
Strawberries, Blueberries, Candy Corn, Swedish Fish, Fruit Wedges, Cola Bottles,
Gummi Spiders, Fruit Slices, Tropical Blend Mix, Party Mix, Trail Mix, Milk Chocolate
Brownies, Malted Milk Balls, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Gummi Alphabet, Sour Patch Kids,
Bagel Chips, Dark Chocolate Blueberries, Dinner Mints, Peas & Carrots, Skittles, Hot
Tamales, Lemon Heads, Mexican Hats, M & M, M & M Dark, M & M Peanut, Reese’s,
Mike & Ike, Juju Bees, Hershey Kissables, Juju Fruits, Licorice Wheels, Fruit Runts,
Circus Peanuts, Good & Plenty, Tart & Tiny, Orange Slices, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Fruities,
Confettis, Wax Bottles, Candy Necklaces, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Sour Apples,
Boston Beans, Butter Mints
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Smoothie Mix, Sours, Very Cherry, Strawberry Cheesecake, A & W Cream Soda, Blueberry,
Cinnamon, Sizzling Cinnamon, Strawberry Daiquiri, Licorice, Margarita, Dr Pepper, Buttered
Popcorn, Green Apple, Watermelon, Soda Pop Shoppe, Cappuccino, Cotton Candy, Grape
Crush, Orange Crush, Orange Juice, Lemon, Juicy Pear, A & W Root beer, Red Apple .
Handmade Chocolate Confections:


-Black Forest
- Mousse
-Swiss Mint
-Irish Crème
-Fudge Love
-Double Chocolate
-Irish Coffee
-Dark Fudge Love
-Mud Slides
-Caramel Toasties
-Butter Cream
-Raspberry Cream



-Milk Chocolate

-Dark Chocolate

-White Chocolate

-Milk Chocolate Caramels
-Dark Chocolate Caramels
-Mint Chocolate Meltaway
-Old Fashion Toffee
-Milk Chocolate Coconut Haystack
-Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp
-Butter Cashew Tofee-ettes
-Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
-Milk Chocolate Haystacks
-Milk Chocolate Pecan Patty
-Milk Chocolate Cashew Caramel Patty
-Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaway
-Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters
-Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters
-Milk Chocolate Butter Toffee
-Dark Chocolate Butter Toffee
Chocolate Cashew Cups ~ Toasted Coconut Cups ~ Mud Pies
-Chocolate Covered Pecans
-Chocolate Covered Walnuts
-Chocolate Covered Cashews
-Chocolate Covered Macadamias
-Dark Chocolate Covered Malted Milk balls
-Chocolate Covered Malted Milk balls
-Double Dark Peanuts
-Double Dipped Peanuts
-Chocolate Covered Almonds
-Red Michigan Tart Cherries
-Milk Chocolate Pretzels
-White Chocolate Pretzels
-Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans
-Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Peanuts
-Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
-Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate
Sugar Free Chocolate:
-Butter Almond Toffee
-Milk Chocolate Caramel
-Milk Chocolate Turtles
-Amaretto Meltaway
-Dark Turtles
-Chocolate Turtles
-Amaretto Meltaways
-Mint Meltaways
Old Time Favorites

Penny candies,retro novelty,chocolate bars,licorice,taffy,gums,mints,boxed candies such as
big hunk,clark,abba abba,zagnut,rocky road,u-no,skybar,fizzies,mallocups,chuckles,twin bings
big cherry,valomilk, sen-sen,smith brothers,cotton candy,whirly pops,astro pops,black cow,
slopokes,jolly rancher,razzles,licorice pipes,blacjack gum,clove gum,beemans gum, fruitstripe
gum,bottlecaps,nik n lips,candy cig sticks,chick o sticks,look bars, kookaburra licorice,wax lips,
sixlets and many more .


Nostalgic Soda's




Nostalgic bottled soda pops hundreds to pick from all over the world.  These are "Real Sodas in Real Bottles with Real Flavor like it use to be.  Available by the bottle or a 6 pack or a case, and we can special order.

7up longnecks, Coca-Cola Classic,  AJ Stephens, Boylans, Cheerwine, Cool Mountain, Filberts, Killabrew, Gardena Grape, Crush, Jolt, Kickapoo, Leninade, Masons, Nu Grape, Olde Brooklyn, Pop shoppe, RC Cola, Rte 66, Whoopee Citrus, Dads, Dr. Pepper, Ed/Petes, Nesbitts, Red cola, Frostie, Big Red, Sioux city Sue, Cock-n-Bull, Dachshunds, Fitzs, Iron Horse, Hosmer, Jarritos, Dr. Cane, Bubble Up Briars, Capone, Captain Eli, Brainwash, Avery's, Sparky's, A&W Rootbeer, Craterlake, Caruso, Berghoff, Baumeister, Empire, Excell, Faygo, Flathead Lake, Fukola, Rat Bastard, Goose Island, Jack Blacks,Ski So Duh, Sparkola, Stewarts, Sparkling Life, Ting, Whoopee, Myers, River City, Coke, Sprite Squirt, Mexicola, Snakeriver, Vernors, Virgils, Outlaw, Dog-n-Suds, Ale 8, Hanks and so many more.


Sweet dreams is also the home of some of the worlds best chocolate companies,
such as Godiva,Lindt,Ghiradelli,Guittard,Ritter,Long grove,Madeline,Droste,
Toberlone,B.T.McElrath, Albanese, many more.



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