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"Specialty Gift
Gourmet Foods
We stock all those classic specialty and gourmet items that everyone loves to
get as gifts. Call us to help you choose what your getting that special
somebody TODAY. We make it easy for you by packing and shipping it
straight to where you want it to go.
*Not only for gifts, but just for treat to self or having a party
or gathering sweet dreams has what you need.
Check Out The Sample Center Area
On a daily basis samples of our confections and gourmet foods will be available to try before
you buy,and relax in our sitting area while watching the food network on tv and enjoy a local
artists display paintings....
Product List
*Salad Dressings
*Dipping Sauces
*Coco Mixes
*Wild Rice
*Olive Oils
*Barbecue Sauce
*Steak Sauce
*Dipping Oils
*Trail Mixes
Lauries Kitchen
Christmas Point
Secret Garden
Coffee Masters
Ashby Teas
David Rio
Da Vinci
Arbor Hill
Fireside coffee
Vino De Millo
Pasta Partners
David Jacobs
Arizona Gunslinger
Republic Of Teas
Heart of Wisconsin
Wind and Willow
Country Home
Gourmet Village
Well Dressed
Country Home
And More...


"It's not just a store , it's destination for fun !!"

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